How To Get Over Being An Introvert!

INTROVERTED! Does not this word give a different atmosphere? to be honest, being introverted is not a problem. It’s a science that the nervous system in Introvert’s brain releases less amount of dopamine (a chemical substance in the brain that helps transmit signals to the nerves and boosts motivation, confidence, memory, attention, and even all body movements), and this is why an introverted people do not like to talk to each and everyone and does not like to socialize and hang out in groups with so many people, especially among strangers.

But it’s a fact that introverts have their own kind of peaceful place, whether at home or in a particular place where they feel comfortable and do what they love.

While in this huge world, people interact with each other to gain knowledge and obtain information about the other person by simply talking to them and socializing with them to make immense contact, but there are few people who are introverted and they don’t like doing all these things, they just enjoy their own company and likes to be alone and busy with their own business.

But this world is full of extroverts, whether it’s a noisy place, like a college, where students can chat and participate in group discussions or it’s an interview where interviewer looks for confident and capable candidates who can express themselves and convey their knowledge in front of others. So, therefore you must be interactive and try to have a conversation with each and everyone you meet even its small meet, at least you should take a step ahead.

So, being an introvert will not gonna help you always and you will be needed to have some extrovert quality at some stage of your life as well. And this will help you to overcome some difficult situation and to face the challenges that can be a barrier to your success. Following are some ways by which you can overcome your introversion.

You should try to challenge yourself

Without being afraid of the challenges, you should always try to accept those challenges and even try to challenge yourself for those things that you think you cannot do this and it will be impossible for you to overcome those challenges. Simply demonstrate that you can do this and that you may overcome anything that stops you from achieving your milestones.

Show up your skills

People usually think that introverts cannot express themselves and are afraid to talk and have a group discussion and feel shy attend any event in which they will be forced to get involved in those activities, but all this is just a myth because it is true that introverts are shy to express themselves, but when it comes to showing their skills, they do it even better than most of the extroverts.

Therefore, even if you are introverted, you should not be afraid or feel shy to expose your quality and skills and just flex your skills and show them to everyone and prove that you can do better than others.

Plan for parties and outings

The most common problem in introverts that often being observed is that they feel uncomfortable and generally do not want to attend any party and do not even plan the parties.

But if you want to overcome your introversion, you must first try to plan a party. Plan, organize and manage all the necessary things for your party.

Once you did it successfully, you will realize the achievement you obtained and this will definitely increase your confidence and your expression skills.

Join an exercise class

Even if you enjoy your company alone, you should definitely join the gym or any kind of dance just to refresh your mind, body, and soul. It’s because when you go out to the gym or in class, you meet many other people who come with the same purpose.

So, you can have an interaction with them and even expand your knowledge as well.

Being an introvert, if you still feel uncomfortable or shy among those people, you should go with one of your closest friends or with your best friend to make you feel comfortable there.

Let other people know how you feel

Just being introverted and staying away from others will not always work.

It is a fact that introverts keep their lives as a secret book more often than an extrovert. But forgetting your introversion behavior for a while, you should try to talk with other people and make at least one close friend with whom you can share all your feelings and problems.

It will reduce your anxiety and stress and will help you to have more confidence among others.

Final Thoughts:

There were some ways to overcome being introverted. There are many more ways you can follow, but remember on the subject and always keep in mind that being introverted is not a problem, but it is the only thing you should focus on always improving and striving to be the best, even if it is good for yourself. Just push yourself to do the things you like most and face the challenges as well.