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St. John Florence: Surfing Champion Insights

St. John Florence

St. John Florence, the professional surfer hailing from Hawaii, is a true legend in the world of surfing. His remarkable career has been marked by numerous championships and unforgettable highlights, captivating both the surfing community and fans worldwide. With his exceptional talent and skills, St. John Florence has solidified his place as one of the greatest surfers of all time.

Key Takeaways:

  • St. John Florence is a professional surfer from Hawaii.
  • He has achieved great success in the world of surfing, with numerous championships.
  • St. John Florence’s career highlights have made him a surfing legend.
  • He has left a lasting legacy in the sport of surfing.
  • St. John Florence continues to inspire and captivate the surfing community and fans worldwide.

The Controversy with John John Florence

In the world of professional surfing, controversies can arise that captivate fans and leave a lasting impact. One such controversy involves renowned surfer John John Florence, known for his incredible skills and achievements in the sport.

During a competition, John John Florence made a promise that caught the attention of both supporters and critics. He vowed to eat a can of Spam, the national dish of Hawaii, if he placed second in the event. This promise generated a buzz among fans, who eagerly awaited the outcome and the fulfillment of John John’s commitment.

“If I come in second, I’ll eat a can of Spam,” John John announced, igniting a mix of excitement and curiosity.

However, when the time came to honor his promise, John John Florence shocked many by rejecting the opportunity. He decided not to follow through with his commitment, leading to disappointment and frustration among fans and supporters.

“I’ve decided not to eat the Spam,” John John admitted, sparking a wave of disappointment within the surfing community.

The rejection of the iconic national dish in the context of competing under the Hawaiian flag ignited a significant controversy. Fans and critics debated the implications of John John’s decision, questioning the value of promises and the significance of representing one’s cultural traditions.

In the midst of this controversy, John John Florence faced both praise and criticism. Some defended his right to change his mind, emphasizing the fluid nature of commitments and personal choices. Others expressed their disappointment, emphasizing the importance of upholding promises and honoring cultural symbols.

Despite the controversy surrounding this incident, John John Florence’s legacy as a talented surfer remains intact. His impressive skills and achievements continue to inspire aspiring surfers and captivate the surfing community.

Reactions on Social Media:

  • Twitter user @SurferChick87: “Disappointed in John John Florence for not sticking to his promise. A promise is a promise, no matter the context. #SpamGate”
  • Instagram user @SurfLifeAdventures: “John John Florence had a chance to embrace his roots and enjoy the national dish of Hawaii, but he let us down. What a missed opportunity. #HawaiiPride”
  • Facebook user Surfing World: “Let’s not make a big deal out of this. John John Florence is still an incredible surfer, and we should focus on his talent rather than a can of Spam. #MovingOn”

The Rivalry: Florence vs. Medina

One of the most exciting rivalries in professional surfing is between St. John Florence and Gabriel Medina. These two surfers have engaged in a fierce competition on the world tour, with the Championship Trophy frequently changing hands between them.

Many fans and enthusiasts argue that a separate tour exclusively featuring Florence and Medina, with three stops at renowned surf spots like Pipeline and J-Bay, would create a thrilling spectacle for the sport.

The intense rivalry between these two talented surfers keeps the world of professional surfing on edge, as they push each other to new heights in pursuit of championships and accolades.

Rivalry Highlights:

  • Back-and-forth battles for top ranks in world tour events
  • Impressive displays of skill and athleticism
  • Close competition in championship standings

As their rivalry continues to captivate fans and shape the future of professional surfing, surf enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the next clash between Florence and Medina, eagerly awaiting the thrilling exchange of waves and maneuvers that defines their rivalry.

Florence Medina
2x World Champion 1x World Champion
12 WCT event wins 18 WCT event wins
Signature move: Innovative aerial maneuvers Signature move: Powerful and precise barrel riding

Collaborative Work: John John Florence and Blake Kueny

St. John Florence has collaborated with filmmaker Blake Kueny to create several groundbreaking surf films, showcasing his exceptional talent and capturing his surfing life. With a focus on cinematography, these films beautifully depict John John’s journey as a surfer, captivating audiences within the surfing community and beyond.

“Done,” “View From A Blue Moon,” and more are among the films that have emerged from this collaboration. Through their creative vision, John John and Blake Kueny have successfully portrayed the essence of surfing and conveyed the exhilaration and beauty of the sport.”

The utilization of cutting-edge equipment, such as RED cameras renowned for their high frame rates and technical capabilities, has been instrumental in capturing the dynamic essence of John John’s surfing. The collaboration between John John Florence and Blake Kueny has brought about a new wave of surf cinematography that pushes the boundaries of storytelling in the realm of surfing.

John John Florence Surfing

The partnership between John John Florence and Blake Kueny showcases their shared passion for surf films and their dedication to pushing the envelope of surf cinematography. Together, they have crafted visually stunning films that have garnered critical acclaim and resonated with audiences worldwide, amplifying the appreciation for the artistry and athleticism of professional surfing.

The Influence of RED Cameras on John John Florence’s Surfing

John John Florence, a trailblazer in the world of surf cinematography, was among the first surfers to recognize the immense potential of using RED cameras to capture stunning footage. Over a decade ago, Florence made the conscious decision to purchase his first RED camera, a move that would revolutionize the way he approached his filmmaking endeavors.

The advanced capabilities of RED cameras, particularly their ability to record high frame rates, opened up a realm of possibilities for Florence. With these cutting-edge cameras in hand, he was able to capture his surfing performance in incredible detail, allowing for precise analysis and improvement of his skills and technique.

The use of RED cameras in surf films has had a profound impact on their visibility and popularity among surf enthusiasts. Through Florence’s films, viewers have been granted a front-row seat to the exhilarating world of surf cinematography, with each frame showcasing the beauty and power of the ocean in mesmerizing detail.

“The RED cameras have truly elevated the way we capture and experience surfing. The high frame rates allow us to slow down the action and immerse ourselves in every wave, every movement. It’s like seeing surfing in a whole new light,” remarks Florence.

The influence of RED cameras extends beyond Florence’s personal projects. Their technical capabilities and exceptional performance have made them a go-to choice for many cinematographers in the field of surf cinematography. The combination of RED cameras and surf cinematography has proven to be a winning formula, captivating audiences worldwide and inspiring a new generation of surf filmmakers.

RED cameras and surf cinematography

The Impact of High Frame Rates

One of the key features that attracted Florence to RED cameras was their ability to capture footage at high frame rates. This meant that he could record motion in slow motion, revealing the intricacies of every movement and making even the most subtle details of his surfing technique visible.

The slow-motion footage captured using RED cameras not only provided Florence with valuable insights into his own surfing, but it also allowed him to share a unique perspective with his audience. Through these breathtaking slow-motion sequences, viewers could witness the sheer power and grace of the ocean, as well as appreciate the skill and artistry involved in navigating its waves.

Furthermore, the use of high frame rates has had a ripple effect on the surf cinematography industry. Cinematographers are now exploring fresh ways to capture and present the sport, pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling and immersing viewers in the heart-pounding action of surfing.

The Future of Surf Cinematography

As technology continues to evolve, it’s clear that RED cameras and other innovative equipment will play an increasingly vital role in the world of surf cinematography. These tools empower filmmakers to capture the raw energy and beauty of the ocean in ways that were unimaginable just a decade ago.

The combination of John John Florence’s artistic vision and the cutting-edge capabilities of RED cameras has redefined surf cinematography. Together, they have created a visual language that speaks to the heart of surfing, celebrating its intrinsic connection to the natural world and captivating audiences around the globe.

As we look to the future, one thing is certain: the influence of RED cameras on surf cinematography will continue to shape the way we experience and appreciate the beauty of the ocean through film.

Benefits of RED Cameras in Surf Cinematography Impact
High frame rates Enables slow-motion analysis of surfing technique
Advanced capabilities Enhances the visual appeal of surf films
Revolutionizes surf cinematography Opens up new creative possibilities
Versatility Adaptable to different filming conditions

The Relationship Between John John Florence and RED

John John Florence’s collaboration with RED goes beyond mere camera usage for his acclaimed surf films. While RED does not formally sponsor athletes, a genuine friendship has developed between John John and Jamin Jannard, son of the company’s founder. Their connection originated during an incident in the early stages of John John’s career when he encountered camera issues during a surf session. Jamin graciously offered to fly his personal RED camera to John John, establishing the foundation of their relationship. Although the specifics of their affiliation remain undisclosed, RED has provided pre-production models to John John’s production team and expressed their support and willingness to collaborate.


St. John Florence’s surfing career has been nothing short of remarkable, leaving a lasting legacy in the sport. His incredible talent and achievements have catapulted him to legendary status, captivating the surfing community and fans worldwide.

From winning numerous championships to showcasing his skills in groundbreaking surf films, Florence has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the world of surfing. His collaboration with filmmaker Blake Kueny has produced visually stunning and awe-inspiring films that have further elevated his status as a surfing icon.

Moreover, Florence’s embrace of cutting-edge equipment, such as RED cameras, has not only revolutionized surf cinematography but also contributed to his own personal growth as a surfer. The use of high frame rates and advanced technology has allowed him to analyze and refine his technique, making him a force to be reckoned with in competitions.

As St. John Florence’s journey as a professional surfer continues, his achievements and influence will continue to inspire and captivate both current and future generations of surfers. His exceptional talent, passion for the sport, and groundbreaking contributions have solidified his place in surfing history, ensuring that his legacy will endure for years to come.

Baptistery of St. John Florence: A Guide


Who is St. John Florence?

St. John Florence is a professional surfer from Hawaii who has achieved great success in the world of surfing, with numerous championships and career highlights. He is considered a surfing legend.

What was the controversy involving John John Florence?

The controversy involved John John Florence initially promising to eat a can of Spam, the national dish of Hawaii, if he placed second in a competition. However, he ultimately refused to follow through with his promise, leading to disappointment and frustration among fans and supporters.

Who is St. John Florence’s rival in professional surfing?

St. John Florence’s biggest rival in professional surfing is Gabriel Medina. They have had fierce competition on the world tour, with the Championship Trophy often being swapped between them.

What surf films has St. John Florence collaborated on?

St. John Florence has collaborated with filmmaker Blake Kueny on several groundbreaking surf films, including “Done” and “View From A Blue Moon,” among others.

What equipment has been used in St. John Florence’s surf films?

The surf films featuring St. John Florence have utilized cutting-edge equipment, such as RED cameras, known for their high frame rates and technical capabilities.

How have RED cameras influenced St. John Florence’s surfing?

St. John Florence was one of the first surfers to embrace RED cameras in surf cinematography. The high frame rates and advanced capabilities of the RED cameras allowed him to analyze his surfing performance in slow motion, enabling him to improve his skills and technique.

What is the relationship between St. John Florence and RED?

Although RED does not officially sponsor athletes, there is a friendship between the founder’s son, Jamin Jannard, and St. John Florence. RED has provided pre-production models to St. John Florence’s production team and expressed support and collaboration.

What is the legacy of St. John Florence in the world of surfing?

St. John Florence has made a significant impact on the world of surfing with his incredible talent and achievements. He has left a lasting legacy in the sport and continues to inspire and captivate both the surfing community and fans worldwide.

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