How to Rank A Website Without A Backlink

Building backlink is the most hectic job for a blogger or an SEO person. Because in this technique you’ve to approach certain websites to give you a quality link for a specific keyword. But when you’re into a business you can’t deal with so much of the process. So, this is a legit question each and everyone asks how to rank with no backlink? Some of them say it impossible and some of them prove it by just doing it.

So here are a few steps to rank a website without backlink:

  1. Select a micro-niche:

So, what is a micro niche? Micro is a segment of a niche. In this particular niche, there will be a specific set of audience and you will be targeting them. When you’re done with choosing a micro-niche. Now you need to search for the LSI and main keyword with low competition and high searches to keep it under Google ranking relevancy.

2. If possible then only!

If possible buy the same exact name domain and a better hosting to host it and start working with CMS like word press to set up the website. This is just a technique for quick ranking (mean this will help you by 5 % more in ranking). Even an existing domain will do your work.

3. Design your website structure SEO friendly:

Keep a simple theme with few tweaks which will give visitors a unique feel. And keep neat and clean UI. Site structure plays an important role in ranking a website. Like keeping the schema structure proper and doing internal linking properly. Internal Linking can literally help you gain more and more visitors and going to help in a ranking like everything. Internal Linking can flip your website upside down.

4. Keep Auto-post in each and every social Media Platform.

You can set up auto post in each and every social media platform just by using IFTTT. IFTTT is a great site to do auto-post on various social media platforms in a single time. Even social media links play a big role in ranking a website. Social media platforms like Pinterest give more value to a website. You can get a few backlinks and few indirect No-follow backlinks from them.

5. Content Writing:

 As your website setup is done, the next thing you need to do is start uploading content on a daily basis. Try to write content for at least 700 words to 1000 words. Write 1 content daily. Keep the structure proper and ON page SEO of the content. Keep the content with proper keyword placement and also with internal linking.

Try to keep content up to date. Because Google likes updated websites. Keep a look into your competitor and try to do more than them in your content.

Final Thoughts:

Use plug-in like Table of content, schema markup, and Yoast SEO to keep the content the SEO and structure of the website proper. Start using infographics this will attract more and more visitors every day. Keep the above things in your mind and start working now.